STELLAR Tries: €1.50 Sex Toys From Dealz

Ever wondered what a €1.50 joy ring feels like? I, my friends, am here to tell you.

Have you ever thought to yourself: “wow, if only I had enough money to buy some sex toys – my sex life would really take off”?

Well, now you can get cheap sex toys, but we can’t promise anything in terms of your sex life!

After spotting our comparison of Dealz’ €1.50 lube and Durex’s €9.99 lube, the lovely people at Dealz sent us some bits from their Nooky toy range to try. From joy rings to finger things and lots and lots of lube, with the help of my trusty side-kick (my skeptical boyfriend), I put the range to the test to see if you can improve your sex life for just €1.50.

The range of lubricants Dealz have to offer is already pretty impressive. We tried out the original lube (which we already established is just as good as its more expensive competitors), the tingle version, and most exciting – the gin & tonic flavour.

As I was apprehensive about putting anything oddly tingly or flavoured near me, we tested the tingle and G&T lube on my surprisingly willing boyfriend. If, like me, you’re a bit nervous around tingling products (the vagina is a sensitive place, ok), he said that the tingle is very mild and in no way a burning sensation, so that should settle your anxiety. As for the G&T flavoured lube, I can confirm that it did, in fact, taste like alcohol, and he can confirm that it did provide a tingling sensation – similar to mint shower gel, if you will.

Now we get onto the fun stuff. Dealz sent us on a selection of joy rings, which definitely seemed a little intimidating. We tried out just the standard Nooky Joy Ring (which is also a cool €1.50) and had some mixed feelings. Our initial reaction was:

Me: “OMG, this is literally tiny.”

Him: “God help me.”

Despite this, the ring stretched a good bit and the box advises to lube it up, which we did. Once on, my bf said that it wasn’t uncomfortable, it just felt the same as usual. You could, however, visibly see that the circulation of the P was being cut off slightly, which sounds scary if you don’t know that that’s actually the point. A joy ring is designed to help men keep their erections longer, and as it’s tight it keeps the blood at the top of the penis, kind of forcing it up right. Science.

So if you have erectile issues, the Dealz joy ring is something willing to try. They’re only suitable for one use, however, but at €1.50 you can pick up a few.

The last on our list was the Nooky Finger Fun Stimulator, which looks as bizarre as it sounds. It’s basically a topper for your finger that has little “nobbly bobbles”, as the website describes them, covering it. Honestly, I wasn’t a fan. Being new to the whole sex toy game, I found this a bit too intimidating for a first timer and was riddled with the fear it would slide off his finger and get lost inside me forever. But, if you’re brave and not a newbie like me, you may get on with it.

Our overall consensus? Dealz’ Nooky range have some great lubricants which are super for the price range. Their joy rings should surely work wonders for men who have a tough time keeping it up and the finger stimulator is only for the brave. All in all, if you’re looking to mix things up a bit get down to your local Dealz and pick yourself up some bits.


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