Stop Everything, An Avocado Restaurant Is Legit Opening Next Month

All the avo, all the time.

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The world’s love for avocados knows no bounds. They’re just so goddamn versatile, y’know? Mash one up on toast, mix it into chocolate, hell, use it as a super-healthy “burger bun”… the list is endless.

Three smart restauranteurs have capitalised on the myriad possibilities of the humble avocado, launching Europe’s first official avocado restaurant.

The Avocado Show, which will open its doors in February 2017 in Amsterdam, has a menu based primarily around the smooth green veg. The genius idea of foodies Julien Zaal, Ron Simpson and chef Jaimie van Jeije, The Avocado Show will serve up everything from avo ‘n’ eggs on toast to chocolate avo smoothies for a lunchtime pick-me-up.

“The possibilities are endless,” the founders told Dutch newspaper Algemeen Dagblad. Too right.

The menu will cover breakfast, lunch, dinner (and brunch, SURELY?), and the lads say there’s only one rule: every dish must contain avo in some form.

If you want to try out the menu for yourself, you’ll have to head to Amsterdam and make for the city’s trendy De Pijp district, but we’re hoping some smart Dublin foodie takes note and launches a similar venture here.