A Derry Girls Movie Is On The Way Says Creator Lisa McGee

Exactly the kind of news we need on a Tuesday morning.


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Well, have we got news for you! It seems an actual Derry Girls movie is gonna be on the big screen soon, as creator of the hit series already has a pretty clear movie idea in her head.

Recently, we were delighted when Derry Girls landed on Netflix, and then devasted when it was suddenly removed, ruining our weekend plans. So this news is certainly warmly welcomed.

After the cast of Derry Girls worked with Saoirse Ronan on a sketch for RTE does Comedy Relief, Lisa McGee has her sights set on the movie once season three has been finalised. “For a while, I was kind of like, I dunno will it work. But now an idea [for a movie] is starting to vaguely form in my head.


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“So after series three I’ll think about that a bit more I’d like to do it, and I think the girls would like to do it. The cast even, some of them are men and boys”, she said, according to The Irish Mirror.

“So I think that would sort of be the long term plan. We should have been shooting it now but it has been pushed back and we are trying to wait until it is safe. There is a lot of stuff to work out. Our show is complicated to film in these circumstances. We want to do it as well as we possibly can, we want it to be brilliant.”

Well, is it too early to start counting down the days?


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