Finished Tiger King? Everyone Is Raving About This Four-Part Series On Netflix

It has been called 'crazier' than Tiger King!

Tiger King was the must-watch in March and now, if you’re finished bingeing the outrageous documentary, trying to take your mind off the pending question ‘who killed Don Lewis?’ and need something else to fill the hole, we think we’ve found another gem.

Yes all you cool cats and kittens, it looks like everyone is now hooked on four-part docuseries ‘How To Fix A Drug Scandal.’

Being noted as “crazier” than Tiger King by fans online, the series follows two chemists – Sonja Farak and Annie Dookhan.

Sonja Farak used to work as a lab technician in Amherst, testing evidence in drug cases and often appearing in court, but she had an overpowering drug addiction too. Sonja even fuelled her addiction with drugs from evidence boxes and spent days in work drugged.

Annie Dookham on the other hand, used to work at a drug lab in Boston and we see her in court for allegedly tampering with drug evidence.

The series then puts a spotlight on both women, their story and how they impacted thousands of people’s criminal sentences for being careless.

But aside from Sonja and Annie, the series also takes a deeper look into how the scandals were covered up and the situation just gets a whole lot crazier.

Speaking about the series on Twitter, fans cannot get enough of it. 

The series landed on Netflix last Wednesday and it’s definitely a must watch!


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