‘My Jaw Hit The Ground’, Ryan Tubridy On This Year’s Late Late Toy Show

Is it too early to be looking forward to the Toy Show?

Pic: Andres Poveda

Okay, I know it probably is way too early to be talking about the annual Late Late Toy Show – we haven’t even hit Halloween yet (a gorge time of the year, btw). But when talks of the Toy Show start, how can we not zone in to be nosey at what’s to come to officially kick off the festive season?

Well, while chatting to VIP Magazine, Late Late Toy Show presenter Ryan Tubridy revealed some slight details, including that they’re all hard at work behind the scenes right now. “The planning for the Toy Show begins at about 12.05 on the night of the Toy Show.”

Continuing, Ryan shared that they had a big meeting about the theme roughly six weeks ago and when they told him the character they think he should play he said; “my jaw hit the ground I picked it up again and said I’m not so sure.

“And then, just when you think you’ve got an idea, someone else comes along with, and even more interesting one. So we’re just being curveballs on this one. And when I say curveballs they’re great curveballs and nothing’s weird or unfortunate, but we have very definite plans.”

Pic: Andres Poveda

Last year, the show aired in the midst of the pandemic there were fears from viewers that with the restrictions in place it wouldn’t feel the same as usual. Instead, the show was a beam of light in a difficult year and got a great response from the Irish public.

They raised an extraordinary amount of money for charity in 2020, six and a half million euro in just an hour and a half, thanks to the viewers at home; “Something very beautiful happened that night, and that story will continue through the charities around the country. And we have to try and make something special this time around, again, so the pressure is on.”

Pic: RTE/Andres Poveda

Opening up about what the show means to him personally Ryan said; “A few years ago I was watching the kids coming in and what happened was my kids were getting older, and I was losing the lovely child like moment of being a dad if you like, but I was getting it from these kids, and it was so nice. I felt this strange paternal protection, towards them and that’s why it stopped being really toy driven, and we just found these gorgeous stories, whether it was about being bullied or having a brother in hospital.”

Continuing he added; “The key is not to make it mawkish and sentimental. The key is to make it real, and to resonate. And it became much more emotional I find it a very emotional show to present now because I as I say I’m out of that zone, but I see the parents coming in, I see the kids and the relationships they have.”


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