Ryan Tubridy To Host ‘Live Vaccine Demonstration’ On This Week’s Late Late Show

Frontline workers are set to receive the Covid-19 vaccine while on the show.

Ryan Tubridy hopes to spark hope and start the season on a positive note by showcasing Covid-19 vaccinations live on TV. The broadcaster hopes to show the public exactly what occurs in the procedure, following last week’s rollout.

The first vaccination in Ireland was administered on December 29 to Dubliner Annie Lynch, and since then, healthcare workers across Ireland have been receiving the vaccine.

Five frontliners are now set to get the vaccine while on the Late Late Show this Friday night.


On his Thursday morning radio show, Ryan told listeners about the reason for the vaccinations occurring on the show at the start of 2021 saying:

“It’s to, first of all, show you how it’s done, show you why it’s done, show you how seamless it is, and show you that you have nothing to be afraid of.”

“To show you that there’s hope,” he added.

Noting that it’s important for the nation to start 2021 on the right foot, feeling hopeful for the future and aware of how important it is to stay safe and informed, Ryan continued:

“This is the calvary. It’s coming.

“So when you’re despairing, I mean you feel there’s no light, it’s happening.

“You’ll get a sense of it tomorrow on the show — it’s all going to be better. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but sometime very soon.”


It is believed that up to 42,000 vaccines were made readily available for administration in Ireland earlier this week.