The June Issue Of STELLAR Has Arrived, Starring Daniella Moyles

We're looking forward in excitement and prepping ourselves for one super summer.

13 is a lucky number for us this month… why, you ask? Well, June 2021 marks our 13th issue created from home. Can you believe it?

It’s mad to think that we’ve now spent over a year creating and bringing you the mag from home, including through some of the most hectic seasons like the beginning of AW20 and our whopper two month Christmas issue, but we did it and we’ve got you to thank.

Your support and love has meant the world to us during these times, picking up the magazine during some of our most challenging months to date and continuing to keep us in mind has truly kept us going and feeling motivated to bring you an even better issue month on month.

So, we hope that June 2021 surpasses all your exceptions and is truly, a lucky number 13 for us.

On this month’s cover we have bestselling author Daniella Moyles.

Chatting about how one bad panic attack was the driving force behind her packing up her things, leaving her job and heading off to travel the world, Daniella speaks about the quest she went on to find herself in the latest issue, as well as how she’s now dedicated to helping people do the same.

Her second book, Jump Start is set for release May 21 and we’ve got all the deets about it in the new issue!

Also in this month’s issue, we’ve got our first fashion shoot in ages, due to restrictions we’ve only been able to actually shoot them IRL recently and this one is a special one.

Plus, we’ve got some serious summer fashion to put on your radar, beauty products that you need to know about, a whole page dedicated to trying all the brow groomers on the market and the resurgence of Y2K fashion and if it’s something to be happy about.

Then, features wise, we’ve got plenty here for you to enjoy, from registered dietitian Ciara McNulty on board to answer all your burning questions about going plant based, to an important discussion around period poverty and how to handle excessive shopping during the pandemic, this issue is bursting with plenty for you to enjoy with a cup of coffee and some nice pastries.

Plus, of course, our crossword and colouring pages are back, and we’ve also got some serious goodies to give away yet again when you send us your fabulous photos with the magazine in hand. Tag us on Instagram and #showusyourstellar!

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