This Is What Happens To All Those Flowers Kate Middleton Gets At Public Events

That's a LOT of freshly cut roses, y'know?

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We’ve been solving lots of Royal-themed mysteries lately that we didn’t even know needed solving. Ever wondered why Prince George wears shorts all the time, for example? Or what the Royals’ airline of choice is?

Now we’ve got another dinger for you – what happens to all of the bouquets the Royals receive while at public events? If you’ve ever watched footage or looked through photos of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge out and about with the Gen Pop, you’ll notice one running theme: flowers.

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As well as teddy bears, letters and toys, Kate Middleton in particular receives bouquet after bouquet of blooms, both as part of her official welcome in each city and from locals that she stops to chat to. On Kate and William’s recent visit to Vancouver with their children, one-year-old Charlotte and three-year-old George, Kate’s clutching a bunch of flowers in almost every photo.

Panic not though, the bouquets don’t end up in some sort of flower disposal unit at Buckingham Palace: they’re given to a good cause.

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First up, according to Keith Roy of the Monarchist League of Canada, who was present for Kate and William’s state visit, the flowers are handed over to a waiting member of staff. Then the blooms – and the majority of the gifts received from the public – are passed on to specific charities.

“The [gifts] are often given away to the different charities that they’re highlighting through the tour,” Keith explained to Global News, listing the Girl Guide institution and the Sheway pregnancy outreach programme the couple visited while in Vancouver as examples.

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Not every bouquet is bound for a charity, either. “Sometimes they’ll go to churches throughout the community but they’re always reused and given away somewhere,” Keith added.

Of course, some gifts received by the family aren’t given away, like Prince George’s massive haul of third birthday gifts this summer. “He got too many things. He’s far too spoilt,” Prince William admitted to reporters at the America’s Cup Race back in July.


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