This Raw Avocado ‘Burger Bun’ Is Proof The World Has Reached Peak Avo Saturation Levels

How would you even EAT that?

Screen Shot 2016-07-29 at 16.46.34

In the early days of the world’s avocado obsession, it was all about guacamole, with avo making the occasional appearance in salads and BLTs.

Then it started appearing smeared on toast. Mixed into chocolate mousse. Blended into smoothies. Hell, there was even talk of an avocado Easter egg earlier this year.

Just when we figured that was it for avocado, someone has gone and done and advocated for the unthinkable: replacing an entire burger bun with two avocado halves.

 The avocado “bun” is the genius lunatic idea of Amsterdam-based food stylist Colette Dike, who is a massive avo fan.

But Colette’s burger buns aren’t her only avocado-fuelled creation. Oh, no.

There are these savoury avocado “truffles” stuffed with goat’s cheese:

These Avocado Scotch Eggs:

And this creation, featuring a protein ball where the avocado stone should be:

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While we adore Colette’s food styling and admire her creativity, we fear if we look at another avocado we may well turn into one.