Want To Make Your Own Face Mask? Here Are 3 Easy Tutorials

And thankfully, it requires little skill!


Since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have gotten some mixed signals about facemasks; at times it was hard to know if wearing one or not was a good idea. But now as restrictions are easing, and we begin to be able to use things like public transport or go back into shops, it’s important to protect yourself and others as much as we can.

Due to COVID-19 there has obviously been an increased demand for facemasks, making them not only quite pricey and quite hard to find.

So, why not try to make your own facemask at home? With these Youtube tutorials you can use anything from a bandana to an old tshirt to create the piece. If you’re feeling extra crafty and generous, why not make ones for your friends and family? There is no better gift at a time like now to let someone know you’re thinking of them.

Reusable cloth face coverings are meant to be washed after every use. So why not make a few, not only to have enough for each day you leave the house but could you make them in a variety of colours ensuring you always have one to match your outfit.

We love when health and safety meets FASHION!

These simple yet extremely helpful Youtube tutorials will help you create your gorgeous face masks.

The no-sew scarf mask

The no-sew t-shirt mask

No-sew bandana mask

You can check out the latest guidelines and the government’s campaign outlining when to wear face masks here.


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