You Have To Hear Avril Lavigne’s Strange Skincare Secret

Now this is something I can get on board with.


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Who remembers blasting Avril Lavigne’s ‘Girlfriend’ back in the day? Well, sorry to scare you but that day was in 2007! Yep, that fact is enough to make most of us feel ancient, but not Avril. Probably because she looks the exact same as when the hit was released. 

Following the release of her new album “Luv Sux”, fans couldn’t help but notice that Avril hadn’t aged a day at all. 

Naturally, this led to a lot of people wanting to know what the Avril Lavigne skincare secret was. Surely it was some fancy French-Canadian maple syrup serum or new-aged Hollywood facial. Well, Avril, wishing to put us out of our misery, shared her secret with The Sun and turns out it’s none of the above. 

She explained, “My secret, I’m going to tell everybody is green juice and beer.”

Green juice and…beer, so not the answer anyone was expecting but hey, at least we know!


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Avril’s youthful looks might make it hard to believe, but at this point, the 37-year-old singer has been in the music industry for around 20 years. Starting her career at just 16 years old and finding massive success at just 17 with her hit “Sk8ter Boi”. 

 Avril opened up about what it was like to gain fame at such a young age, saying, “It’s wild, as I’m just this girl from a little town in Canada and I feel so lucky to have such special songs that have lasted.

“I have a Sk8er Boi tattoo on my wrist, as that song really struck a chord and I’m turning it into a movie. It hit and reached so many people and they still love the song. It was such an exciting time for me.”

She continued saying, “I had a very stable upbringing and grew up in a Christian home and there were a lot of rules, as my parents were really strict.


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“So the minute I left, I ate pizza every day, stayed up all night and partied my ass off. I wasn’t out of control or into drugs and I had a good work ethic and was well disciplined and did everything I needed to do — that balance was there.

“I was like a normal teenager away from their parents for the first time. It was great. It was like when people first go to college. Well, I didn’t go to college, I moved on to a tour bus with a bunch of guys.”  

But that wasn’t the only secret Avril spilt. She has been collaborating with her friend Travis Barker and Machine Gun Kelly for the new album. So the ‘Complicated’ singer shared her thoughts on their high profile relationships with Kourtney Kardashian and Megan Fox. 


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Avril shared, “I’m really happy for them and that they found love, the girls are perfect for them. I’ve hung out with them and they’re both super-sweet, though the majority of the time everybody’s working.”

While it’s cute that they all get along, Avril didn’t mention how she and Kourtney were nearly step-sisters-in-law, thanks to Avril’s relationship with Brody Jenner. But the pair seem to hang out regularly thanks to Travis, so we’re gonna guess there’s no awkwardness.  

Words by Sláine McKenna


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