Bold Brows Are Out But Are You Brave Enough To Try This Daring New Trend?

Ditch your regular tint, apparently it's all about bleach for brows this season. We asked a make-up artist how to get it right.

Cara Kendall

Brace yourself beauty fans, we’ve got news: it’s official, the heavy-set brow look is out and bleach brows are in.

It’s a trend that’s lit up pretty much every A/W catwalk, counts Cara and Kendall as fans and has the fash pack running to their nearest drugstore for bleaching kits.

Not convinced? Check out Iga our model for the November issue photoshoot absolutely rocking the bleach brow trend. We reckon she’s got the look downpat.

Screen Shot 2016-09-27 at 12.49.28

It’s daring yes, but for fair-skinned maidens it can be oh-so flattering, so how do you achieve it?¬†For that we asked make-up artist Michelle Kinsella, who talked us through the process of brightening Iga’s brows for our November shoot.

“Iga is very fair to begin with, so this is a little something to bear in mind when brightening up your brows,” explains Michelle. “First and foremost, if you’re playing around with bleach, dye or any other substance that your skin is unfamiliar with, a patch test is a must”.

Michelle states that 48 hours before you do anything, dab a little bleach on your wrist to ensure that you are reaction-free. More often than not it won’t effect you, but if it does, you’ll be pretty happy that it was your wrist that you checked and not your face. Believe us!

After the patch test is clear, the rest of the process is plain sailing. “To begin, simply place a slick of vaseline around your brow, marking out its shape exactly,” Michelle instructs. “This will ensure no unnecessary bleach will go onto your skin. Once that’s done, mix up the contents in the bleach kit as instructed, then leave for five minutes before removing.”

It’s that easy, kids, but remember persistence is key in creating this look. It took Michelle three attempts before getting Iga’s brows to the shade she wanted, so if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, and use a fresh batch of ¬†bleach mix if necessary.

Taken the plunge but want to go back au naturel? No problem, it’s as easy to go one way as it is the other. The gorgeous Iga loved her bleached brow look and wanted to keep them as they were post-photoshoot. But, to go back to black (or brown or red or whatever), all you need is to repeat the whole process, this time using a brow tint. Simple.

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