#MyFitnessJourney: Lisa Dee Tells Us About The Bootcamp That’s Helped Thousands Of Girls Get In Shape

Her fitness plan has helped over 3,000 women transform themselves. Here, she tells us how it only takes six short weeks to make a difference.

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Name: Lisa Dee (Mc Devitt)

Age: 26

Website: lisadeefitness.blogspot.ie

Facebook: Lisa Dee Fitness 

Instagram: @lisadeefitness

Tell us a bit about your fitness journey

Although I was always active, I never actually enjoyed any sports in school. In a bid to lose my thick thighs as a teenager, I danced, ran a lot and did lots of yoga but I was miserable. I didn’t know what to eat. I never ate enough and then I would always binge on sugary foods when feeling sad or anxious.

I wanted to feel confident in my body. I allowed myself to go and lift weights in the gym, which was what I already enjoyed. I started loving my thighs. I allowed myself to drink veggie shakes and eat eggs for breakfast. Although it was opposite to ‘the norm’ at the time, I guess that’s when it truly started; when I found myself.

How long did it take to get into the shape you’re in now?

I think my body is something I’ve always been working on; a lot of trying and testing what works for me. The last two years is when I’ve felt my most confident, after doing my first bikini show two years ago funnily enough. I’ve overcome any emotional attachment I had with food in my earlier twenties.

I now actually enjoy working out, experimenting with food and eating my meals; it’s a long process but once you start feeling better, stronger and empowered, there’s no turning back. There’s no point working out just to look good, there has to be a deeper need and goal. My body reflects my lifestyle! I don’t restrict certain foods, events or holidays. I get to enjoy life while stilling being healthy and feeling in shape.

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What does a typical gym session include?

I go through different phases. Yesterday for example I trained lower body; I’m currently training legs twice a week. I kept it simple; Leg extensions x 30 reps, straight into body weight lunges (60 steps across the carpark for three sets). I repeat the above five times and then finish with three sets of 30 reps, doing static lunges; 40 minutes done and dusted.

What’s the best exercise we can do for getting in shape?

Anything resistance based, whether it’s moving actual weights or your body weight, you’re going to see results. Exercises that work your whole body will rev your metabolism. Make yourself sweat! You can’t really spot reduce a certain area, fat leaves your body in small percentages all over; it takes time. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need squats to have a perky bum and you don’t need crunches to have abs.

When did you realise you could help other people too and how did you go about this?

The love for helping people feel better was always there. From when I was a teenager, I was helping people with natural home remedies for colds and flus. Positivity and body confidence has always been a huge passion of mine and after my first bikini competition two years ago I realised so many girls have no idea what they’re capable of so, after a nudge from a few home clients, I started my girls-only bootcamps which turned out to be huge.

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Was it difficult to work up a following and spread the word?

I’m quite lucky to be able to say no; I didn’t find it hard locally. I started my bootcamps in Letterkenny and word of mouth meant I was extremely busy from the word go. I guess locally, anyone who knew me knew I already lived and breathed health and fitness so the word fired around. Girls loved my health-based and no BS approach. I live what I preach; a balanced but healthy life.

Tell us a bit about what you offer?

My current online plan is a six week guide which can be done from home. There are 36 workouts with videos, daily meal guides as well as pages and pages of extra info and advice. I also provide a private membership group online for the girls to share ideas and motivate each other.

My girls-only bootcamps run in four week blocks in Letterkenny; they’re similar to my online plan but in person at my gym. Girls sign up for a four week slot, three sessions a week.

What results can we expect after the six weeks?

First of all, you’ll feel amazing. You will drop at least a dress size, or more if you have more to lose. You’ll have a sculpted body shape and a better degree of fitness. The food will literally take years off your life. Clearer skin is a big one for all my girls, brighter eyes and of course a bigger smile. You’ll have more energy, a better appetite and less afternoon slumps! You’ll also feel confident in that dress you left at the back of your wardrobe.

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How many people have taken on your bootcamp challenge?

I have helped 1800 different girls with my Letterkenny bootcamps here at home and over 1500 girls have joined my online plans from January to date so I guess well over 3000 in less than two years.

Is it mostly fitness, or health too?

Health first, always!  That’s something I’ve been passionate about from before I ever began any of this. Food has a lot to answer for in terms of physical AND mental health problems. Real food can heal your life, body and mind. I don’t trust the trainers out there that banish vegetables or health foods. I believe we are here to teach and help others live healthier lives. Focus less on the mirror and more on what’s on your plate. The happiness with the mirror comes with time, effort, sweat and consistency.

What’s the most difficult thing about taking on a fitness challenge?

Getting over the fear of not being able to keep up. Many girls message me who are terrified of beginning in case they aren’t fit enough or don’t like the food on the plan. They don’t want to feel like failures. No one overhauls their life in a few weeks, many failed attempts happen before we find that one way that works for us. I always say that it’s not the steps you don’t take but the steps you DO take that’s important. Focus each week on that one bad habit you’ve banished or that new vegetable you finally love to eat.

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Do we need expensive equipment?

My online plans don’t need any equipment at all. All the workouts can be done in your sitting room or your garden within 30 minutes, four days a week.
When you want to up the intensity later down the line, you can of course add some weights in. It’s the perfect kickstart!

How important is diet?

You could exercise three times daily and live on little calories but you will not see results that way. Diet is an ugly word, as soon as you hear that word you feel your stomach tie in a knot. It’s about better food choices. Add all the good foods in, the bad will slowly shift out over time. The right food in the right amounts is essential to bringing your body fat levels down.

What should we make sure to include in our diets?

A wide variety of vegetables, especially leafy greens! You can’t ever eat too many. When eaten raw or slightly cooked they’re full of minerals, vitamins, enzymes and antioxidants that our bodies need for not only a tiny waistline but high immunity against infections, amazing skin, a younger face and boundless energy. They also bulk up our meals and can be added to literally anything. Many don’t like vegetables but many don’t realise that a healthy body that’s in sync will change it’s taste buds. Once your body is more alkalised than acidic, due to the healthier lifestyle, you’ll soon start enjoying those foods you hated as a child.

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What’s your typical daily diet?

  • Typically I start my day with a pint of warm water and lemon, it wakes up my digestive system for the day!
  • I whizz up my LD green shake to bring to work at 6am. (90% veggies, 10% fruit)
  • After my shake, I’m buzzing with energy. I’ll have eggs at 8am and then a bowl of oats and whey powder before the gym at 11.
  • After I workout, I’ll eat chicken with rice, mushrooms and green beans.
  • I usually eat half a pineapple and a punnet of blackberries a day, too. I can’t get enough!
  • At around 8 after work I’ll have salmon or lean steak mince with a baked sweet potato or garlic quinoa.
  • If I’m still hungry at night I’ll have more chicken with a large veggie stir fry or one of my homemade fat burning soups.
  • There’s always a bar of 85% dark chocolate in my car for my craving fixes too, as well as a cupboard full of herbal teas.
  • I don’t restrict certain foods; if I want pizza I’ll eat it, but I know how horrid it can make me feel the next day.

We’re thinking of starting a six week challenge. Why should we do it?

Think of that one time you felt horrible before, that one time you looked into the mirror and genuinely hated what you saw. Think about that and think about how you never want to feel that way again. No one should ever feel that way. Say goodbye to sluggish mornings and afternoon sugar slumps while eating more than you’ve ever ate before.

You’ll realise it’s not as complicated as many make it out to be; a fitter body can be achieved quite easily with the right workouts and foods.
You won’t ever have to stand on a scale, count your calories or bad foods, just simply live and follow the plan to the best of your ability. Six weeks is only a small part of your life, but the perfect way to kickstart it!