That HIIT Workout Routine Could Be Doing You More Harm Than Good, According To A PT

Is it time to change things up?

Picture credit: Conor McCabe

If you’re looking for speedy weight loss or a quick boost in fitness, high intensity interval training has long been considered the best way to go. But according to one fitness expert, HIIT-focused workout routines are not all they’re cracked up to be.

As one of Nike’s Global Master Trainers, Joslyn Thompson-Rule is at the forefront of fitness know-how, and she has a bit of a bad news bombshell for HIIT obsessives. We spoke to her at the launch of Life Style Sports‘ SS17 Running and Fitness range to find out more.

I’ve been hitting the gym hard since January but my results are already dropping off. WTF?!
It’s probably time to take a look at the kind of training you’re doing. You don’t need to be in the gym every day to see results, especially if you’re focusing on HIIT or cardio-based workouts.

But I thought HIIT was the best way to get quick results?
The problem with high-intensity interval workouts is that people see results fast, but then they end up over-training to push themselves harder. It’s not sustainable and in the end they’ll just hit a wall.

What sort of variety should I be introducing into my routine?
A balanced workout routine includes three elements. There’s strength training, which involves weights, squats, lunges, deadlifts and anything to build muscle. There’s endurance training which is HIIT-based, usually. Finally there’s mobility training, which I consider the most important. Foam rolling and stretching are just as beneficial as gruelling workouts.

Picture credit: Conor McCabe

What’s the single most important thing to consider as a workout newbie?
Make sure you’re getting enough rest time in. Changes to your muscle mass and fitness levels aren’t made while you’re training, they’re made while you’re recovering and sleeping. If you’re always training at high intensity, your body doesn’t have the opportunity to make those changes.

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