#ICYMI: Love Islanders Getting Hitched And 5 Other Friday Facts

The gossip roundup you need to end your week.

Friday, January 15: Your list of bitz to discuss while chatting with the girls at the weekend. 

There’s been a recoupling  wedding

Love Island’s very own Tom Walker surprised us this week, by announcing that he’s after getting married to his girlfriend of a decade (on and off as specified on his post).

Love Island fans will easily recognise Tom from the 2019 season, the man who was about to head to the Hideaway with our very own Maura Higgins to see “if she’s all mouth” – the cheek!

But, thankfully, he didn’t get away with that carry on and now, his words are forever cemented in Love Island history, alongside the incredible telling off he got from the Longford lady.

Well, anyways, he got married this week. Congratulations, Tom!


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Kim Kardashian’s playroom is beyond impressive

I mean, I want an arts and crafts colour-coded pantry, and I want one now.

After receiving some backlash for her home being cold and not “child friendly”, Kim shared a pretty detailed tour of her children’s playroom on her Instagram Stories. Giving a tour of all their toys, including their own corners for each of the four kids, Kim also gave a rundown on the miniature concert stage, instruments and incredible range of arts and crafts.

Can we come over for a playdate?

Check out the videos below!

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Fans removed Donald Trump from Home Alone 2 and Macauley Culkin approves

After petitions to have Donald Trump’s small cameo removed – petitions that were even backed by leading star of the 90s iconic movies, Macauley Culkin, it looks like one fan took matters into their own hands, cutting out Donald Trump so he basically looks like Sue Storm from the Fantastic Four.

Replying “bravo”, here’s the clip.

Bruce Willis apologies after being asked to leave a pharmacy for not wearing a face mask

Face masks are mandatory for everyone, even shlebs, and Bruce Willis was asked to leave a pharmacy in LA earlier this week for not wearing his.

Later stating that it was an “error in judgement”, the 65-year-old reminded people to continue masking up and staying safe.

It has been a SATC filled week

Right, here’s the takeaway nugget:

There’s a Sex And The City reboot coming. It has been confirmed. It has a different name. Kim Cattrall is not coming back (either is Samantha), Sarah Jessica Parker confirmed that (<<<) news. She also quashed feud rumours (again!) The 3 leading ladies are getting a sweet fortune for it. There will be 10 episodes. It’s gonna stream on HBO.

STELLAR’s new issue came out this week!

OK, let’s end the roundup with some of our own news. Our first issue of 2021 has hit the shelves! It’s pastel, it’s pretty and it’s all about sisters.

Whether they’re the sisters you were born with or those you found along the way, this is a celebration of women and the very foundations of female friendship and closeness. It’s for those who have sisters, want them, are raising them and have lost them.

This issue is jam packed with features, news, mindfulness and everything needed to tackle January together.

In shops nationwide now for €1.95!

See you next week for more STELLAR #ICYMI Friday Facts! 


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