The Gross Thing You Didn’t Know The Gym Was Doing To Your Vagina

Thankfully there is a way to stop it happening.

Woman working out at the gym

First things first, let’s clear one thing up; hitting up the gym on the regular is a deadly habit to have, and if you’re yet to miss a session this year, then you deserve a great big pat on the back. You go girl!

But your workout should come with a warning, because if you’re getting sweaty on the regular, you not only need to eat right and look after those achy muscles, you also need to pay extra attention to your vagina, and look out for any unusual changes.

That’s because, thanks to those super-tight, skin-hugging gym leggings you love to wear, your vagina can become a breeding ground for nasty bacteria.

The science bit?  Your lady garden is packed full of sweat glands and the longer you spend lounging around in your gym gear after your workout, the more likely it is for bacteria to breed and get into your vaginal canal.

Once this happens it can upset your PH balance and lead to a nasty yeast infection or UTI.

Regulars at spin class can also encounter another vagina-related issue, namely numbness. This happens when sitting on the bike for too long compresses nerves and blood vessels in your labia.

So what should you do if you encounter either of these issues? For numbness, it may help to adjust your positioning on the spin bike. Lowering your handlebars can help to limit discomfort.

As for sweating, opt for gym gear that’s made of fibres which naturally let your skin breathe, (nylon and polyester are safe bets) and be sure to have a hot shower and get out of those sweaty clothes straight after your workout.

Happy sweating!


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