YouTube Has Suspended All Ads On Shane Dawson’s Channel

It comes after his public apology


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Just yesterday we reported on the Tati Westbrook new tell-all video ‘Breaking My Silence’ where she calls her drama with fellow YouTubers Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star ‘pandora’s box’. Well, it turns out that Tati is absolutely right on the money with that one, because there is even more to tell today.

In midst of the now titled ‘karmageddon’, YouTuber Shane Dawson has had ads on all of his channels temporarily pulled by the video platform.

Just days ago Shane shared an apology video, taking accountability for his previous actions. In the video, Shane outlines the times he appeared in blackface and used the N-word in his videos. He also apologised for his previous jokes on pedophilia.

According to YouTube, a review of Shane’s channel took place, and they believed that the nature of his old videos warranted a temporary suspension of ads on all his video platforms. These include his main channel, Shane, along with his smaller channels Shane Dawson TV and his beauty channel Shane Glossin.

It’s not yet clear how long the suspension will last, but, Tubefiller has reported that since posting his apology video, Shane has lost around 600,000 subscribers, bringing his total down to 22.5 million.

Yesterday, fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook posted a video in which she claims to tell her truth. In the video, Tati goes on to say that both Shane and Jeffree Star ‘gaslit’ her, causing her feelings towards James Charles to become more concrete, resulting in a public fall-out between the two. Tati also claims that Shane and Jeffree planned to ‘cancel’ James in a bid to gain more sales for their own products.

“It’s also my opinion that Jeffree and Shane needed James marginalised and out of the way for their November launch of the Conspiracy Palette, along with Shane’s merch.”


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Along with having his adverts suspended, Shane has also been reprimanded by Targtet, as reported by Tubefiller, who says that the retailler is pulling his books from their stores. Morphe has also removed his collab palettes ‘Conspiracy Theory’ with Jeffree Star Cosmetics from their website.



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