Beyoncé’s Nail Artist Is Here To Tell Us What We Should Actually Do With Our Cuticles

You might never think about them, but they're actually pretty important.


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We’re now in week five of not being able to make an appointment to pop into our fave salon. Our hair, brows, and nails are not for the better of it, but we’re well and truly on the DIY bandwagon at this stage. We’re styling our own hair (even if it is just a ‘time to get shit done’ hun bun), painting our own nails and giving our locks a bit of TLC.

But one thing we can probably all admit to is not paying enough attention to our cuticles. And they’re a lot more important than you think, so they require a bit more attention than we’re giving them. All the additional handwashing and sanitising can leave our hands cracked and dry, resulting in dry, cracked cuticles. This is seriously bad news for our nail health in general. Because if your cuticles are dry, your nails will soon be, well, in bits.

But it’s okay, because Beyoncé’s own nail artist, Miho Okawara, has come out to tell us what we should *actually* be doing with our cuticles. “Cuticles are an extension of your hand. If your hand is dry, it affects your cuticle, as well as your nail condition in the long run,” says Miho.


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“The most important thing for dry cuticles is aftercare. You must put cuticle oil on after applying nail polish to finish off. Cuticle oil not only moistens your nail but also speeds up the drying process.”

Miho continues, “Soak your fingertips in warm water to soften your skin and then massage your fingertips with oil or cream. Using a hand mask is another good option. After the massage, put the hand mask on your hand and wait for 20 minutes. Remove the hand mask and massage your hands again – this process helps to enhance blood circulation.”

So there you have it, coming from the nail artist who takes care of not only Beyoncé’s nails, but Lady Gaga’s, Ciara’s, and plenty more. Simple, but effective.


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